Find Your Best Haircolor for Your Skin Tone

From Find A Beauty Salon
Sick of your natural color? Or been dying your hair for years and just need a change? These tips will help you find the best hair color for your coloring:

Pale Skin With No Natural Pink In Cheeks: If you’ve got pale alabaster skin like Kristen Stewart, Nicole Kidman, and Michelle Trachtenberg, then you can pull off just about any base color, but you’ll generally look best with some highlights. Honey colored highlights tend to look good on everyone and help warm the complexion without frying your hair like platinum highlights can.

Peaches and Cream: If you’ve got pale skin with naturally rosy cheeks like Kirsten Dunst, Kate Bosworth, and Amanda Seyfried, then you will do best with brown or blonde base colors. Red hair on you may bring out the red in your cheeks a bit too much. Highlights and blonde color look lovely on you because the natural flush in your cheeks keeps you from looking washed out (whereas many other pale girls easily would). You can also, however, be striking as a brunette. Just stick to ashier colors as warm red-undertone browns will make you look a little too flushed.

Medium Skin Tones with Dark Eyes: If you consider yourself somewhere in the middle of the spectrum with dark eyes and gold undertones in your skin like Sandra Bullock or Julia Roberts, then you’ll want to avoid super bright highlights. Caramel and honey highlights can look lovely on you, but anything lighter will tend to look fake. Your skin can easily pull off the rich, sexy brunette look and we strongly recommend you go for it.

Olive Skin: Olive skin like that of Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez looks best with black or highlighted brown hair. Plain brunette can look a little boring with Olive skin, whereas a few caramel highlights or a dark black creates that gorgeous bombshell look.

Dark Skin: Dark skin like Jennifer Hudson’s and Alicia Keys’ looks best with black hair or rich browns with honey highlights. If you want a more dramatic look, definitely go for black hair for the contrast. But if you prefer a softer look, then ask for a few highlights.